How to Write a Great Story

For nearly twenty years I’ve been going into schools and sharing my best writing tips for plot, characters and unputdownability. I learned most of them from movies and Hollywood script gurus like John Truby and Blake Snyder. Because I reference films and TV as well as books, my approach appeals to children who are not necessarily good readers. After all, your story doesn’t have to be a book or short story. It could be a movie, a platform game, a music video, a play, a graphic novel, a ballet or even a tale told out loud to your friends or family. As well as sections such as Sample Writing Workshops and A Day in My Life as a Writer, I share over a hundred fun bite-sized tricks and tropes. I am thrilled that artist Linzie Hunter agreed to illustrate the book as my approach involves using the imaginative right hemisphere of the brain, the part in charge of humour and images!

How to Write a Great Story

Stories are incredibly powerful so if you become a writer, be careful. Your book could change the world.

In this guide for wannabe writers, Caroline Lawrence shares her best tips. Featuring examples from all kinds of stories, including movies like The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars and Pixar classics, Caroline explores every aspect of writing – from brainstorming a setting to creating an opponent to choosing your hero’s weakness. Inspired by Caroline’s school events and workshops, and illustrated with Linzie Hunter’s lively black and white artwork on every page, this is the perfect addition to the bookshelves of writers from 8 to 80.

Publisher: Piccadilly Press
August 2019