The Roman Mysteries is a 17-book middle grade series featuring four very different Roman children who team up to solve mysteries in the first century AD. Two spin-off series are The Roman Mysteries Scrolls for younger readers, and The Roman Quests, which follows a new generation of young Romans as they flee pursuers to Britannia. I have also produced four history mystery books set in the wild west and two retellings of stories from Virgil. In my latest series, The Time Travel Diaries, a London schoolboy and his pal(s) go to Roman London, Ancient Athens and possibly first century Jerusalem. Finally, the fun but practical How to Write a Great Story is based on my popular school visits. (Info below). 


In order to concentrate on my writing I generally reserve October and March for author visits in the UK, but sometimes I am happy to come out of ‘wribernation’.

During the Coronavirus Lockdown, I am happy to do FREE Zoom chats with schools. To book a real or virtual visit, email me at To see my free days, go HERE.

In a SINGLE hour-long talk illustrated by artefacts & images from my travels, I share my secrets for plotting stories, finding characters and creating a detailed world of adventure. I offer a variety of talks (see below). There is time for Q&A afterwards and book signing if schools are happy for me to sell my books.

1. ‘How to Write a Great Story’ – fun tips about writing plot & characters with added Romans (8 – 12 yrs)
2. ‘Mysteries of Ancient Rome’ –  exciting talk with more emphasis on Pompeii & Rome (8 – 12 yrs)
3. ‘History Detectives’ – fun talk with more emphasis on The P.K. Pinkerton Mysteries (8+)
4. ‘Myth, Movies & Storytelling’ – more advanced talk about ‘The Hero’s Journey’ in myth & movie (12+)
(with visual references to Theseus, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Paddington and several others)
5. NEW! ‘Time Travel to the Past’ – features Roman London, Ancient Athens & writing tips.

Ideally the school will provide at 100+ children aged 8 – 13 in one big group. 

(Some schools invite classes from other schools to make up numbers)
The school should have a projector, screen, darkened hall and (ideally) a lapel or head microphone, so I can wave my arms.

I am happy to have lunch in a quiet classroom or library with up to 12 children (library helpers, wannabe writers, fans, etc.) as a treat: Lunch with the Author.

The cost is £250 plus VAT & travel (from Clapham Junction) or £350 plus VAT and travel for a talk and a follow-up workshop, or two talks.

I also charge ‘danger money’ of £50 if you want me in costume.

And there is a possible surcharge of £100-£200 for journey time of more than three hours

Schools can either invite in a local bookseller or I can supply books at a discount. 

For more information – and to book a real (or virtual) visit – email me at